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2WARdS – Europe





19. – 22.03.2014 Event in Dresden, Germany

13. – 17.05.2013 Event in Voionmaan, Finland

23. – 26.09.2013 Event in Oleśnica, Poland

02. – 04.12.2013 Event in Grenoble, France

25. – 28.06.2014 Event in Brussels, Belgium


In most of the European countries the last war people experienced occurred around 70 years ago. Still, many young people take it for granted to grow up in times of peace. The older generation, born before 1940 however, has experienced war and its consequences very intimately. The European project 2WARdS Europe arranged a conversation between the two generations.

Older people get the opportunity to share their life experiences and to prevent their memories from vanishing. Young people are stimulated to think about one of the dark chapters in European history and to learn how to appreciate the political stability and constructive coexistence currently available within the European Union. They can learn directly from the experience of the older generation and use this knowledge in the building of a future thriving Europe.

The climax of 2WARdS Europe is the exposition in Brussels in June 2014 for the occasion of the 100th anniversary since the beginning of the First World War. In this exposition the results of the project are going to be presented in front of the European commission. In addition, the contemporary witness’s reports collected during the project, the recollections, the photos and accompanying texts, will be uploaded on an interactive multimedia online platform, to be experienced by everyone, available in several languages.


Participating countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Germany

This project was funded by the European life long learning programme GRUNDTVIG.






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