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Perform to Reform






Perform to Reform training course aimed at developing the participants’ personal, social and professional skills and at fostering active citizenship, solidarity, understanding and acceptance through performing arts and intercultural dialogue. The participants took part in round-table discussions, role plays, presentations, energisers, warm-up activities, performing arts sessions and rehearsals. The participants shared their knowledge and experiences on using street performing arts to tackle social issues such as xenophobia, discrimination and racism and discussed the societal challenges of their local communities.


By creating shared experiences, Perform to Reform enabled the participants to explore and perceive profoundly the power of street performing arts to tackle social issues. Street performing arts were the medium to work together, reflect and interact with each other. Perform to Reform training course is a follow-up project of the Art of Busking youth exchange giving the opportunity to the participants to work together on the “Great Wheel” performance which helped the participants not only develop their performing skills but also their soft skills instilling intercultural dialogue, cooperation, mutual respect and acceptance.



Project venue: Dresden

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania and Poland


This project was funded by the European programme YOUTH IN ACTION and Wir für Sachsen.



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